Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

[Blondie Felt BB Pouch!]

Blondie Felt Pouch
for BB, iPhone, Samsung galaxy, etc

Blondie"Why does he keep PING!!!-ing at you only?!?"
You"Well, it's because you don't have Blackberry"
Blondie : "..." 
You : ":p" *troll face*

For order please contact me by phone or email
:D :D :D

3 komentar:

  1. hai annisa tengs sudah main ke blogku.Aku follow blog kamu.hmmm, gambar kamu juga menarik. Keep drawing and crafting yay :)

    ika damayanti

  2. wait till I get my sewing machine, then we'll rute le world B-) like a boss. err--two bosses :p //slapped

    D'X shit that is sao kyut! i envy yer drawing skill. :-/

  3. mbak ikadamayanti : hehehe makasiiih, gambar-gambar batiknya mbak juga bagus bagus bangeet >__<

    A.P : hehehehe we're gonna rule the world with our ultimate sewing machine!!! B)
    NONONO your drawing skill is much better!!! you're so damn good using sotosop, yet i'm still a dummy :'(